Flashlights also good to be true

Flashlights also good to be true

Is it actually the “Worlds Brightest Tactical Flashlight” as asserted? In light of the concerns some are having with not receiving it, the small specifications with substantial cases, non-Australian approved charger, etc we would certainly suggest you look at something like the Protector III, Defender III Pro, NiteHunter in 1,210 lumen version or if you desire a genuine Authorities Flashlight as utilized by all of the South Australian Police and countless specialist devices throughout Australia look at the Sniper II Pro or also the Pro Authorities.

A flashlight as well good to be real

Update: We have had a lot more clients call regarding the G700 Flashlight, Light Strike 360 LED Flashlight, X700 Armed Force Flashlight & Shadowhawk X800 and the good news is some have actually received these lights. The bad news possibly to be expected if they are talking with us concerning getting one more LED torch is they have actually all been let down.

All have been okay standard torches but haven’t really fulfilled – and even gone close – to the assumptions and buzz, though that would certainly be tough with the extremely elevated expectations. The battery chargers provided are USA chargers, not Australian or Australian authorized. Thanks to this news post we still obtain lots of people calling or creating they haven’t received anything or numerous CC charges – sorry there is nothing we can do to regulate an additional company.

Flashlights also good to be true


More update: We went to the Hunter Valley Arms Fair last weekend break and met one of the excellent customers that bought two of real Lantern the very same unit as an all these torches for his and his neighbor’s son. The fantastic information is he actually received lumify x9 lanterna military them, the problem is regardless of an advertised rate of Aus $56.96 supplied his bank card obtained hit for $237!

After hrs on the phone he has now placed the issue in the hands of his bank that also typically aren’t having a lot of success. Get this before it is prohibited! We have had a breakout of calls just recently from clients who have actually seen the flood of advertising and marketing for the Light Strike 360 LED Flashlight, the X700 Army Flashlight, Iron hide, True Lantern, Lumify X9, Militia, Blaze ray, Gladiator, Shadowhawk X800 and the G700 Military Flashlight.