Top Services with USA Residential Proxy

Residential proxies became an integral part of everyday-life of both individuals and businesses. The main criteria while choosing the best residential proxy accommodation are its:

  • reliability;
  • connection speed;
  • safety;
  • price.

Proxy is a mediator between the user and the destination site. It helps to mask the user’s real IP address so that nobody knows who he is.

Today the Internet is full of hackers and frauds. If you want to make sure your data and money are safe, you should use proxies. Many resources are forbidden in certain countries and areas. Proxies have recommended themselves as a comfortable and easy way to bypass those restrictions.

There are free and paid proxy services. While the second type usually offers stable connection and more options, free proxy services cannot be called ‘reliable’. However, almost all proxy accommodations offer residential proxies for the United States of America.

Get acquainted with the list of top services giving residential proxies for the US. Hopefully, it will help you to make your choice easier.


OnlineSIM is a rotating mobile proxy company. It has more than 100 countries to choose from. You can try it for free or go with a tariff. OnlineSIM offers two paid options. You can either pay for the gigabytes or go with unlimited traffic.


This service offers 12 million IP addresses located in 12 different places. If you are disappointed with this service, it offers a 7-day refund.


Luminati has more than 35 million servers around the globe. It is also possible to use this service for 7 days for free.


Its network counts more than 10 million residential accommodations from the excess of 195 locations. Smarproxy does not have free trials, but offers a 3-day refund.


This service has more than 30 million IP addresses from 12 countries. However, you need to sign out a special form before trying Oxylabs proxies.

Blazing Proxies

Even though it has only 8000 proxies, its speed and price deserve attention. As all the aforementioned proxy services, it also supports the US.

It is up to you with which service to go, but it is definitely better to study the market first. If you want to buy mobile proxy, do not hesitate to study all the pros and cons of it.

Staying protected on the Web is necessary for everyone. Even if you are an ordinary Internet user, your data is still saved by different services and who knows how it can be used afterwards. Residential proxies are safe and reliable guides in the World Wide Web.