Being a healthy woman in a modern era: Knowing the if's and but's of Women Health

Being a healthy woman in a modern era: Knowing the if’s and but’s of Women Health

Health is an essential concern as without it there is no meaning to life so when we mention health, we mention our entire well-being including mental, physical and social. Now, coming to the subject Women’s Health depends on many factors, and it is mainly dependent on social factors like discrimination on the basis of sex, unequal access to basic health care, sexually transmitted diseases etc. And then there is mental as well as social health that most of us don’t consider much, but it is equally important as your physical health is.

These points below explain aspects that determine a healthy woman and what makes or breaks their healthy lifestyle, what they must know as well as consider for living a healthy life.

  • Supportive Workplace Culture:

Most of the global companies don’t realise the importance of mental health day, there are days when working women get mentally exhausted of work. Women handling day jobs and household chores together often come to a point where they don’t feel mentally productive at all. When such days are not taken into consideration and are often ignored results in mental illness. So, women should not take these days lightly and should ask their employer for a day off as the need be.

  • Sexual Health:

This is one such area which is often mistaken by plenty of women, because of the inability to talk about it with everybody. From a very tender age, women have been educated not to talk loudly about sex and sexual well-being, so much so that the word has become a taboo. So, here are a few points that women must know to stay sexually fit and healthy.

 Sexually transmitted diseases can infect your skin even from using toilet seats from public place washrooms.

 You can have sex during periods without fearing pregnancy because it is during ovulation that there are chances of ovulation.

 Masturbation is a natural phenomenon which is healthy, and it impacts your sex life is a false statement.

 Vagina being tight or loose has nothing to do with the number of times you have sex. The muscles of the vagina are elastic in nature which contract and expand which eases the penetration. Vaginas only change after childbirth or when a woman reaches a certain age.

  • Menstrual Bleeding:

If you think that your menstrual bleeding lasting for more than 10 days is a normal sign, then NO, it is not. Every one of five women has bleeding disorder wherein they have heavy menstrual bleeding which lasts for more than 10 days. Menopause usually happens somewhere between the age of 48-55 years of age. There is a natural decline in the production rate of women when they reach their late 40s. If you have menopause before 40, then you should organise an appointment with a gynaecologist.

  • Infertility:

It is because of us women that there is a constant life cycle on earth, but then there is the problem of infertility which affects around 6% of married women. And, then there is a population of 12% of women who face difficulty in getting pregnant. There are so many factors responsible for infertility like weight gain or loss, alcohol, smoking etc. Therefore, if you are having a problem in conceiving even after several attempts, then you should consult a doctor at the earliest. You can know more about it by subscribing to Hearst Magazines UK Ltd voucher code.

  • Positive attitude:

The biggest thing that makes women look and feel healthy is her attitude. Majority of women don’t realise that working out for a Victoria Secret’s Model like the body is not bad but making yourself go through hell to have a body type might be an unhealthy process. It is good to maintain a healthy body type but just for the sake of zero figure you cannot risk your health. For example, some women stop eating for days and starve themselves just to fit into a dress. However, they don’t realise is that they are putting their health under risk by performing such acts. So, love your body first and then live a healthy lifestyle for being a confident woman in this society is tough.

Being a healthy woman in a modern era: Knowing the if's and but's of Women Health

To conclude, it is essential to say that for Women to be as much active as possible like performing physical activities, going for daily walks or run, doing regular exercise or yoga or hitting the gym. Because all of these help women be physically healthy especially when they have so much to look after like work, kids, home, parents and partner.