6 best code snippet managers for programmers

Creating programs similar in structure can be significantly accelerated thanks to snippets. They allow you to quickly integrate part of the prepared code into your project with minimal modifications. But chaotically storing hundreds of templates does not contribute to a fast workflow. You need to choose a good snippet manager, and we have six options for you.

Best Snippet Managers

SnipperApp 2 is a popular lightweight code snippet manager for programmers. It has markdown support and syntax highlighting for 120+ programming languages. You can quickly and easily create your snippets and store them locally. Also, each user can synchronize sections of code with iCloud and GitHub Gist storage. If you are looking for the best code snippet manager with graphic themes and wide functionality, then this application is a good option.

Komodo Edit is an abbreviated version of Komodo IDE. It includes basic features for creating web applications. Besides, extensions are connected to add support for languages ​​or useful functions like compiling LESS and SASS files. Komodo Edit does not stand out among other editors as the best, but is suitable for everyday work, especially when working with XML.

Visual Studio is a lightweight but sturdy snippet manager. In the initial configuration, it is used to edit code in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.JS, etc. Visual Studio Code does not just perform auto-completion. Still, it does it wisely: using IntelliSense technology, adds the names of declared variables, functions and modules, and also makes a link to the corresponding section of the documentation. It is possible to debug code directly from the editor, launch an application for debugging, and attach to running applications.

Atom is a text editor with many settings, but even with a standard configuration, it helps to work productively. Atom has a built-in package manager with which you can find, install, and even create your packages. Four user interfaces and eight syntax themes are available in dark and light colors. Community-created themes are also available.

Sublime Text, written by a Google engineer with the dream of a better text editor, is a trendy code editor. Available on all platforms, Sublime Text has built-in support for editing Python code, as well as a rich set of extensions called packages that extend syntax and editing capabilities.

Vim is one of the oldest and most difficult snippet managers to master. It has a file tree, built-in terminal, error output window, configuration window, and many other features. It is worth noting that this snippet manager can flexibly configure. It is more complicated than the competition, but it may be interesting for a specific group of programmers.